Amelia & Bob

Who Are We?

Bob and Amelia have been on the spiritual path for 12 years together, searching for tools to help ease and harmonize the awakening of others.

Amelia has been a practitioner of healing arts since the late 80's and has researched and tested many different modalities and tools to select the ones that have the highest frequency and are easily integrated into one's daily life.

Amelia and Bob bring the power of conscious coupling to their work with people. The support of both the masculine and feminine perspectives creates a balanced platform to launch you on your journey.

If you are:
- At a crossroads on your spiritual journey.
- A couple looking to deepen your connection
- Confused about your purpose
- Wanting to bring more love or partner into your life
- Feeling stuck or frustrated

Contact us for a session.
Sessions may include:
- Guiding you onto your path
- Helping you understand your uniqueness
- Identifying blocks and patterns that are ready to change
- Teaching you how to manifest your dreams
- Giving you tools for transformation

We all come into this life filled with the Joy of Divine Expression. It's easy to become disconnected from that Divine Expression. It is our intention to help you bring that Joy back into you life, with grace and ease.

Services Offered

Healing Session
Physical Space Clearing
Manifestation & Life Coaching
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Why are we in this business?

Maintaining a high frequency and level of consciousness is challenging in our day to day lives. Living a conscious life is beneficial to all Beings as well as the environment. These tools help make it easy to keep our minds and bodies in balance and anchor light for the transformation that is upon us.