Patterns of energy are what make up the world we live in. Our thought patterns form the structure and limitations through which we experience life. When those thoughts become embedded, repetitive, diminishing and unconscious they can emerge as disharmony in the mind and body. This leads to mental, physical and emotional dis-ease.

When I work with you, I invite the pattern to reveal itself to the fullness of its origin. Using my intuition and drawing from healing techniques I have learned since I began this journey in 1988, we can shift, transform and coach the pattern into a new supportive form. This brings harmony and balance to your being.

I believe in helping people build a tool kit of resources so that you can learn to work with your patterns and change those that are no longer useful while creating new innovative ones that will move you along the path of your spiritual and earthly journey. My work can be done in person or over the internet.

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