Vibrational Gemstones & You

Everything in the Universe vibrates, including you.

When you wear gemstones on your physical body, your vibration is effected. Like you, each pendant has its unique beauty in both form and function. No two pieces are alike! Each piece resonates specifically for different purposes and is matched to your individual vibration with the objective you want to support. When your vibration is in balance and aligned you feel more at ease, joyful and energized.

From sacred geometry in the shapes of the gemstones and motifs of the bails to the use of nickel free silver and heavy gold plating, Kate King Jewellery is consciously created. These pendants are not only beautiful but hold a spiritual vibration that activates powerfully when you adopt them.

Please Join Amelia and Bob for a Vibrational Analysis and the exquisite experience of finding the tools that will help you be more of who you truly are through the expression of your Joy.

Organic Jewellery Cleaner

Natural Brilliance Jewellery Cleaner is 100% organic, environmentally safe, bio-degradable and most importantly will not damage or change the vibration of your gemstones like other jewellery cleaners do! ($36.95/8 oz. bottle/set)

Please use the contact form to inquire about or order the jewellery cleaner.