Harmonizing, unique, channeled art. Each piece transmits a frequency of Divine Play, Love, Healing, Nature, and the Masters. This art transforms your home and your life. Combine the unique qualities of these art pieces with the beauty of the jewellery and the clearing power of the selenite for integrated and immediate transformation!

Spirits at Play

"We come to teach you the power in being playful and light. We demonstrate to you that you can rest yourself gently upon a soft cloud of harmony which brings both you and what is around you into a balance of effortless perfection. All too often there is a feeling and a need to struggle in your pursuit of freedom. Instead of this, know that your freedom is natural. Feel the joy of your Light in your heart and then let go. You will feel your freedom bursting forth in sheer delight and celebration! We are all here together from many different dimensions of Light to express our gifts freely. Each of us has a beautiful note of our own to sing and, blended together, we make one magnificent song of joy and peace resounding throughout the Universe."

Lithograph, 16 x 21, $45

Angel of Love

"I come to you as a wonder to show you the absolute wonderment of you. I ask that you release any state of distress for a moment and simply gaze lovingly at yourself. Remember that you are an angel, just like me, only that you are temporarily clothed in "Earth wear." Do not be confused by this outer garment of matter, you are still truly an angel. Feel your light. Feel your goodness. Feel your love. Trust yourself now. In this you will discover your greatest joy."

Lithograph, 14 x 21, $45

Healing Angel

"I am here to remind you of the truly great power of your Being. This is your majestic light radiating powerfully through you as a force of strength, peace and wisdom. Heed this radiance and live by it always. Herein lies your joy and all of your healing."

Lithograph, 14 x 20, $45


"I stir the Light of Life within you. I am a burning ember within your soul that calls you to remember the depth of our sacred connection. To invite me in is to deepen your state of ecstasy. To know you are safe on the "ground" beneath your feet is glory. I am creative. I am almighty. I am Light. I am like home in you. I know how to love you and love you well--and this is why you find yourself instinctively wanting to be close to me. It is because you know I have the strength and capability of loving you and supporting you--if you allow me to.Join with me through your heart and feet and I will show you how deeply I cherish you."

Lithograph, 16 x 21, $45


"I bring to you sustenance for your spirit. I carry with me the memories of your sacredness to which you are now awakening. Your journey of Light upon Earth is one of great joy and great liberation. You have worked diligently to be able to make this journey. Now that you are upon the Earth, you are facing the many challenges of emerging and living your Light.

"I am here to encourage you to FACE yourself and embrace the God in you at every turn. I am here to remind you that YOU CAN DO IT! You are a gift of God and this is for you to have and to share.

"Many see the Earth plane as one of limitation. You do not need to do so because you are not limited. It is up to you to merge with your center, anchor this knowing into body, and through your physical experience discover the greatest freedom you have ever known. This is a time of courage, compassion, perseverance and fortitude. Celebrate the strength of your Light and feel your immense joy in being fully alive! Blessings. I am with you."

Lithograph, 18 x 20, $45

Saint Germain

"There is no limit to what you can imagine, witness and manifest as visionary leaders of your time. In looking at me through this particular picture, you may draw from my vibration the encouragement and sustenance that you need to pursue your life with absolute passion and faith in the miraculous. This way of living is not for the faint-hearted. It is demanding. It is challenging. It is rich. It is rewarding. Never will there be a dull moment of wondering what on earth you may have done with your life! Stretch yourself from now on. Reach joyfully for the full realm of your power and freedom.

"Gather yourself into your center now so that you can be enfolded in the greatest beauty you have ever known--You! Invite yourself forth and witness the power of your passion to express your freedom and your wisdom boldly. Be this. Love this. Rejoice in this now. Trust yourselves and acknowledge that you are the light of living love. You are shining soul incarnate. Oh, what a blessing you are. Hallelujah!"

Lithograph, 15 x 21, $45


"Through this gift of my Being, I remind you of your own gentleness, tenderness and compassion for all of life. I remind you that your heart is filled and overflowing with love. There is always strength upon which you stand because YOU ARE THAT STRENGTH! Breathe deeply of your passion and peace now and spread the warmth of your fire everywhere.

"My heart is full with you and I see who you are. We are in love together."

Lithograph, 19 x 19, $45

Sea of Love

"I come to you as an energy of total embrace and safety. You are always protected and preserved within the arms of Life. Every living thing responds to your presence and radiation of loving softness. We care for you and about you. Know that you are ALWAYS supported by all the elements, all the creatures of the Earth, all the Nature Beings, all the Angels and all the dimensions of pure Light on all levels. You are comforted and warmed by this gathering. You are safe here upon the Earth. "You are whole. You are well. You are love. Know this and be deeply at ease"

Lithograph, 22 x 15, $45

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About the Artist's Vision

Deborah's art is channeled through her from the higher realms of light and wisdom. Its purpose is to gently remind you of your wholeness, beauty, love and freedom, while connecting you more deeply with the grace of your higher self.

Each art piece acts as a "cosmic window" through which your higher spiritual energies can move, thus stimulating healing, deeper insight and transformational experiences. In addition, because of the pure intent and refined energy of this art, it is able to cleanse and harmonize any space wherein it is placed. Each piece is indeed a rare and blessed gift of light to this world.

As more and more people are becoming interested in their spiritual development, visionary art plays an increasingly important role. It acts as both inspiration and teacher, healer and way-shower. Through its movement, color, shapes and symbolic representations, it reminds us of our intense beauty and love of the Divine. It suspends us far beyond the denser physical vibrations and holds us gently in the vast and sacred cocoon of our true spiritual birthright. It gives us visual and sensory clues as to who we truly are. It gives us all of this without words. Because it is purely energy based, it is not limited by linear thought. In this way, it can commune directly with the soul within us.

As this artwork penetrates our systems through our vision and aesthetic awareness, it can literally awaken us to ourselves. It can remind us, on subconscious and conscious levels, how illuminated we already are. It emits vibrations to which our inner Beings understand and relate, thus helping us to feel more "at home" here on earth. Being surrounded by images of this nature can promote feelings of great well-being and centeredness. They open doors to the other dimensions of our consciousness with which we are continuously interacting but of which we may not be fully aware. This then helps us to be more consciously aware of ourselves as sacred, multi-dimensional Beings who are capable of far greater intelligence and creative ability than we had previously thought. With the help of artwork such as this, our wholeness expands to include more of who we are and helps us to be even more joyous, purposeful and directed in our creative life journey.

Our visual senses are very powerful and, obviously, play a very important role in our understanding of who we are. Having a visual tool which can speak to us and remind us of our true essence is not just a luxury, but a viable and important therapeutic enhancement to our growth. Since it deepens our connection within ourselves, it increases our ability to deliberately bring our refined frequencies to bear more fully in our every day, physical arena. It truly enhances our experience of wholeness. This is why it is transforming.